Mr. Crawford’s lip and other concerns.

First of all, merry late Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate (and if you don’t celebrate any holidays, happy last-few-days-of-December (yay parentheses))). Anyway, surprise! I have a present for you… it’s Zayn Malik with jetlag. I don’t know why I think this is so funny:


I could go into funny stories about my high school French teacher having jetlag, but hey, I have some frequently asked questions to answer.

Okay, so I wasn’t directly asked these questions. But people found my blog by typing these burning questions into a search engine, and who am I to not give these endlessly curious people some answers? I am such a nice person.

#1: Nate Archibald lip/why does Nate Archibald have a fat lip/does Nate Archibald have a fat lip insert/etc.

Still adorable.

Still adorable.

I didn’t realize Chace Crawford’s upper lip was important to so many people. Seriously, this is the most common search term I get, and it has only really become prominent in the past three days. I’m perplexed, but I do have the answer: no, it isn’t a lip insert, I don’t think anyone in their right mind would purposely make one side of their lip way puffier than the other; I mean, humans are supposedly partial to facial symmetry or something. As I have read on numerous websites, he fell or did something equally clumsy/drunk last New Year’s Eve and busted his lip open. Oops. According to a very experienced Yahoo! user, this sort of injury doesn’t really heal and look normal again. Poor Chace/Nate.

#2: Is Anderson Cooper hairless?



I want to know who searched this one. They probably have a very intriguing brain. But honestly, I’m in no position to declare Anderson Cooper hairless or… not hairless. All I did was compare him to a hairless cat, albeit a very handsome and classy hairless cat. In short, I have a weird crush on Anderson Cooper and, what do you know, I am answerless.

#3: Is nodding your head considered awkward?

I dunno, but making this face is considered awkward.

I dunno, but making this face is considered awkward.

Unless you’re nodding your head all the time, no, it is not awkward. One time, my friends convinced me I had a random head twitch, and that was pretty awkward. Buuut now that I think about it, I feel like they just said it to psych me out. Thanks, guys. Solid.

Honorable Mentions:

  • grand canyon hair by girl- I don’t even know what this means.
  • woman crush cat- no matter how you interpret this, it doesn’t sound good.
  • girl you cray- thanks…?
  • anderson cooper girl crush- haha, nope.
  • playboy mishaps- sounds interesting.
  • caesar salad after wisdom teeth- my instincts say no.
  • crane fly in my eye- oh no god please no god no nooooo.

Thanks guys, this has been fun. Keep searchin’ and happy New Year!





  1. It is kind of funny I found the blog, i guess that is what you would call it, just now. I am watching the gossip girl seasons on netflix, i only noticed his lip because i pay a lot of attention to peoples faces. And well, that jumped out at me. And i was wondering what it was.. I was thinking it was some accident and i was nosey about what it could be… I definitely did NOT think it was some lip injections to make them fatter. You’re correct, why would someone get one side bigger than the other.. That was a stupid idea. Anyways, Thanks for a picture. I read another article about it and i wasn’t sure if it was connected because it had no pictures. Sooo THANKS!

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