The Day I Sacrificed Comfort for Cuteness

Remember about a month ago when I was raving about how marvelous the weather was? Yeah, the times have changed, guys. The times have changed.

I’m generally a pretty reasonable person, and I don’t think I’m wrong in believing I have my share of common sense. But alas, I have a weakness: looking cute. I wouldn’t call it vanity, exactly, although I will admit to being a frequent mirror-gazer (might as well enjoy the way I look, since I’m kind of stuck with it). What it really is, though, is this rarely-acknowledged innate desire for my life to be a movie; a movie in which I am the endearingly quirky protagonist who has witty internal monologues and a wickedly eclectic soundtrack. So sometimes I can’t help but dress in pretty florals and walk around campus listening to the Kooks.

Usually, this habit/inclination/mental condition causes me zero problems. But it’s February in the Northwest, and do you know what that means? Massive amounts of precipitation. I am no stranger to it, but somehow I still forget rain exists… even though I have windows and look out of them pretty often.

So today, I decided I wanted to look like the human embodiment of springtime, with flowers and ballet flats and all that jazz. Even after my roommate came in from class complaining about the rain and the wind and the fact that she had worn flats, I still didn’t change my outfit.  For purely referential purposes, this is what I was wearing:

What can I say, selfies are awk.

What can I say, selfies are awk.

Walking down the hallway, I was really cold. Walking outside, I sort of wanted to die. Those leggings, if you can’t tell, are verging on paper-thin. My umbrella was seriously trying to invert itself because the wind was ridiculous, and I am frankly surprised I didn’t get picked up on one of the stronger gusts and blown into the clouds like Dorothy and Toto. The shoes, however, posed the biggest problem – those stupid flats are difficult to keep on my feet when they’re perfectly dry, but when they’re rain-soaked… ah man. I was slipping and sliding all over the place, and I actually lost one of those dumb shoes while walking up some stairs. Outside. With people around. People who are smarter than me and wear rainboots when it’s raining! What a novel idea.

Needless to say, this will not be a recurring happenstance. I no longer care how nicely the pattern of my shoes contrasts with the pattern of my leggings. Because of the rain, I am a changed woman.


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