Can you not?

Judging by the fact that I am using one right now, I am not opposed to laptops. I think they are incredibly helpful inventions for writing, storing pictures, wasting time, etc. But don’t get me started on those in-class websurfers. Oops, too late, I’m already going.



Even though I don’t necessarily love the clicking of keys during my classes, I can handle the people who just use their laptops and/or tablets to take notes. That is, in essence, what we are there to do. Be respectful, pay attention to some extent, and – ideally – learn. Some students, however, seem bent on spending $25,000+ a year to sit in a lecture hall and conduct their own daily online shopping spree. There are also those who mistake “class time” for “car-racing video game time,” and I have noticed a large pinterest/tumblr/buzzfeed population as well. I’m glad you found those shoes on sale, I’m overjoyed about your racing victory, and I am ever-so-thankful to have had the chance to see all of the hair tutorials you have pinned. But… can you not?

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in one of my classes, distracted by my grumbling stomach and the feeling of nostalgia I get whenever I start thinking about being hungry:

And this girl reeking of malevolence decided it was prime time to flip through dozens upon dozens of pictures of gourmet dishes. Excuse me, miss, that is very inconsiderate. A steaming bowl of baked pasta is not what I need to see right now. Unless you intend to cook that for me on a later date, please do not subject me to this torture. (I later realized this reaction was quite overdramatic when I was reading about the hunger strikes in Northern Ireland, but I’m choosing to include it anyway)

There was another unnamed person a couple days ago who thought she would use our 50-minute lecture to find a new bathing suit for spring break. I wouldn’t consider myself a super conservative person, but I don’t think scantily-clad Victoria’s Secret models are an appropriate thing to be looking at in that particular environment. Like, you do realize other people can see your screen, right? Also, you have a million tabs open and it’s literally going to give me a heart attack. Stop.

Yes, I get it, some people are better note-takers on computers. But YOU ARE NOT TAKING NOTES. Yes, I have the power to choose if I want to be distracted or not. But STOP TEMPTING ME. It is not within my capabilities to resist the undeniable allure of a gif-ridden buzzfeed post, so don’t do that to me. Just pay attention. Or at the very least make it look like you’re paying attention. PLEASE.

Also, if you’re reading this in class, shame on you (but also thank you for reading my blog, you’re the best)


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