One day she’s still, the next she swells, you can hear the universe in her seashells.

Writing “about” pages is not a natural talent of mine, so bear with me.

I’m Cierra. Hi. I’m 21-going-on-50, but also 21-going-on-7. My hobbies include looking at things, thinking about things, and writing about things. I’ve been told that if I were a flower, I would be a daisy, and if I were an animal, I would be an owl (despite my lifelong wish to be an otter). I am a pasta-enthusiast, a chronic sufferer of wanderlust, and a 5’3″ heap of sarcasm.

I warmly welcome you to my brain and my blog, I am oh-so happy you are here.



  1. Sarcastic chicks are the best.
    If I were any animal I’d be a dolphin because I imagine they kung-fu the hell out of sharks for fun.

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