Inheritable traits & metaphors


My sister and I, although adequately graceful in most areas of our lives, had the great misfortune of inheriting a particular trait from our father: our nose-blowing, individually but especially collectively, is a high decibel experience. On any given morning in our household, one can hear the demonstration of nasal power. And oh is it powerful. We always likened the noise to that of an elephant (whereas some people sneeze like mice – I do not trust these people). That is, until we were presented with an incredibly apt metaphor, much more accurate than our own:

“Cierra, you know what you sound like when you blow your nose? Like when you drag your suitcase across those metal things at the beginning and the end of escalators.”

Do you guys know what my 11-year-old cousin is talking about? Because she hit the nail right on the head. And instead of mourn my apparent lack of ladylikeness, I thought wow, METAPHORS! LANGUAGE! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! An elementary schooler just brilliantly described a previously indescribable sound my nose has been making for my entire life.

And it’s just like that, whether it’s funny or gorgeous or melancholy as hell, words can not only envelop but become a feeling (or a noise, for that matter). I’ve found innumerable instances of this just in the past few days, in my second and much more successful attempt to read Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer, with whom I proudly share a birthday. I started reading this book in high school and I was wildly unprepared, low in energy and consequently low in the amount of effort I put forth – I didn’t understand a thing and I was disappointed. Four years later, I’m underlining something on every page because these words give me feelings. “He would fall asleep with his heart at the foot of his bed, like some domesticated animal that was no part of him at all.” Excuse me, Jonathan, that is my heart you are breaking.

Not that I’m required to have one, but what is my point? Surprise, there are three.

  1. I think words are really cool and you should think so too.
  2. People say “the right person at the wrong time is the wrong person,” and I think I believe that. But the same cannot be said for books. I’m willing to lump music in there too. The right book or song at the wrong time could still be the right book or song at the right time. And, in all likelihood, the right time will come. Books have chapters and so does life.
  3. I’m not embarrassed about the way I blow my nose. I’m not embarrassed about the way I blow my nose. I’m not embarrassed about the way I blow my nose.

Also, I got blood drawn today and it took my perfectly competent nurse three painful tries to lure anything out of my itty-bitty, impossible-to-find veins. Even my bloodways are stubborn and somewhat elusive. Cheers to perfect consistency.


Bits and Bobs

That’s me.

As you’ve most likely noticed by now, I am a bit of a scatterbrain. I jump from topic to topic to topic, because- I’ll admit it, no shame- I am lacking in the focus department. Not severely, but enough so that I can’t listen to music when I’m blogging, which is actually sort of heartbreaking for me. But anyway. This post is going to be published evidence of my lack of focus. Hooray!

Bit #1

I was staying with my roommate for next year about a week ago, and she is quite the beauty guru. She was telling me about this lip tint made by Tarte and how utterly fantastic it is, and I was like, hey, I need that. And THEN I was at the hair salon flipping through Lucky, a magazine I am sadly no longer subscribed to, and guess what! Forty percent off of the exact lip tint she told me about. I ordered it yesterday on my new debit card (which makes me feel quite grown up), and I was pretty happy. So if you’re interested in a normally $24.00 lip tint for about $15.00, let me know! I’ve got the code.

Bit #2

I thought it would be appropriate to give credit to the blogs and vlogs that inspired me to create this page. They kind of show what sorts of things appeal to me, and in a way resemble my vision for my own blog. So here we go:

1. Writer’s Block ( A couple years ago, one of my facebook friends posted a link to Cappy’s blog and I’ve been loyally following it ever since. I’ve never actually talked to her, so maybe it’s a tad bit creepy that I’m fawning over her blog right now, but she is seriously so funny, insightful, and endearing. Her posts make me happy. And I hope they make you happy too!

2. The Vlogbrothers ( These guys were my intro to the blog/vlogosphere. John Green’s books are some of the best I’ve ever read, and his and his brother’s vlogs to each other (and the nerdfighterdom) are always hilarious and, quite often, very informative. They make me feel smarter. Enjoy!

3. Zoe ( and Louise ( So these gals are technically beauty vloggers, but their more personal vlogs where they’re gallivanting around Britain together are so cute and funny. I love their personalities and the way they interact with their subscribers. They are seriously the cutest best friends ever.

4. Wannabe Hipster ( I am proud to say I actually know the creator of this blog, the ever-lovely, clever, and hipster Shelby. She is a fantastic writer (and dress-er) and I will not deny that I blogstalk her quite frequently. Check her out!

So these marvelous people are just a few of my main influences. I really need to start reading more blogs, suggestions please!

Bit #3

For the past couple weeks, I have been trying to hang out with friends I haven’t seen in ages- you know, one of my summer goals is to keep in touch. It is so nice! It’s sad, but I had almost forgotten how much I truly enjoy them, which would be a travesty. I am so, so thankful for incredible friends who are completely content just sitting around and talking for a full four hours.

Bobs (or just songs I’m obsessed with)

Happy Bastille Day!