Feelin’ optimistic


s/o to my mom for helping this vision come to life

s/o to my mom for helping me bring my vision to life

It’s the end of September, if you haven’t noticed, which means a lot of things:

  1. School is now a thing again.
  2. Going to bed at 1AM is no longer an acceptable habit.
  3. I need to re-learn the whole “feeding myself” thing.
  4. Time to establish a study/hangout spot at a local coffee shop.
  5. The temperature is dropping, meaning iced tea is becoming less and less practical.
  6. Lots of readjusting and settling in.
  7. I get to spend beautiful moments with the beautiful people in my life.

I feel very ready for this season and this school year. Good times are ahead.

Excuse me while I listen to Volcano Choir 24/7:


A little harmonica goes a long way.

It is a well-known fact that I cannot read or write or basically do anything productive while I listen to music. Tonight, for example, I need to finish reading a novel for my English class. But I can’t stop listening to the Bonfire Band. The result? I’m sure you can guess.

Discovering a band and loving every song you listen to: a rare and beautiful occasion. This is such an occasion. I can’t fight the blues. I can’t fight the folksy harmonies. I certainly can’t fight the harmonica, a colossally underrated instrument. I can’t, I can’t, I CAN’T. I have achieved nothing tonight because of these three musically-inclined men. My angst is only further heightened by the (recently acquired) knowledge that they only play gigs in London. Why do I not live in London? Why?

A little harmonica goes a long way, guys.


Week one.

Rain is a somewhat disheartening way to start off the new year. So is a hefty pile of class readings. But by some miracle, I am a happy camper.

I’ve had bad years, I’ve had good years, I’ve had years I can hardly remember (aka middle school). 2013, I think, was an important year; I’m hesitant to say it was ‘pivotal’ since, you know, I only have ten days of perspective. Nonetheless, I spent a lot of my time thinking and listening and – this is the exciting one – speaking. I won’t start yanking everyone on-board my crazy train of thought over the past 12 months, that’s not what I want to write about today. But I am an increasingly sentimental person, so how could I let an entire year of smiling and crying and laughing and internally screaming at people slip by without at least writing a paragraph about it? That’s right. I can’t.

Anyway. About a week ago, I was not feeling the new-year-new-quarter excitement. In fact, I was being reduced to a puddle of tears – sitting on my floor, listening to “Antichrist” by the 1975, and experiencing a new and dangerously intense wave of sobbing every time the lyric “and I love the house that we live in / and I love you all too much” found its way out of my speakers (does this story make me more endearing? probably not). Quite often, I find myself dreading the inevitable pain with which life will one day smack me, and this, friends, was one of those dire times. “LOVE IS PAIN. TIME IS PAIN. PAAAAAIN.” (sidenote: sometimes I think I should get one of those choppy emo haircuts and write depressing poems on my hands in sharpie, like really.) Generally I’m a reasonably optimistic person, so this is not how I pictured day 4 of 2014.  You can’t really anticipate the bad days, but they happen. Conversely, though, you can’t predict the days that’ll be the happiest of your life. And eventually I realized this. And I got up, and I took a shower, and I ate craisins and watched Lost*.

And in the days since – despite the rain and the pages of reading piling up – I’ve done a lot of smiling. I’ve enjoyed some fantastic company. I’ve learned so much in my classes already. And I’ll be damned if I haven’t savored the moments when I can just curl up in my bed and stare out the window. Ahhhhh. Life.

In other news, I rearranged my room and it's basically heaven.

In other news, I rearranged my room and it’s basically heaven.



I was going to try to document my outfit everyday, but then I quit. Oops.

I was going to try to document my outfit everyday, but then I quit. Oops.

As you may have noticed, I gave my blog a little makeover. Not crazy about the size of the text, but I can deal. Makeovers are fun.

Here’s to the (ten-day-late) New Year!

*I am on season 6, and seriously (!!!!!) if anyone spoils this for me I will make your life miserable. Already had a spoiler scare when I watched This is 40 a few days ago, DO. NOT. WANT. AGAIN.




Operation Night Owl Catches the Worm

“Sometimes the struggle to be studious is SO REAL,” said Cierra during her second week of fall quarter.

I am not a lazy person. I am not very easily-distracted. I am not a person who often subjects others to my whining. All of this, however, changes in the face of a daunting pile of homework. All of a sudden, I turn into a high-stress bundle of non-productivity. You would think that I would want to rid myself of this anxiety as quickly as possible by doing my readings and writing my essays… it makes logical sense. But, alas, that is not how my brain works.

I generally save my homework for the evening, despite my afternoons being fairly void of, well, anything. So I spend the whole day thinking “AHHHH HOMEWORK WILL I GET IT DONE ON TIME OH MY GOD,” but I don’t actually do any of it till maybe seven. Even then, I experience a heightened susceptibility to distractions, meaning I’m probably spending more time on Buzzfeed than I am on The Rough Guide to Climate Change. As a result of this unfortunate lapse in self-control, I can get to midnight and still have a lot on my to-do list. This never fails to piss me off, because it means I have to either stay up late or get up early to finish it – neither of these options sound appealing to me. I’m a human, I like sleeping, I’m actually really good at it. Anyway, a few nights ago I rolled into Procrastination Station once again, but this time I had a curious thought. This thought developed into a theory, and the theory into an experiment. Operation Night Owl Catches the Worm was born.

I decided that I would work very diligently (no phone, no internet) for twenty minute periods, and these twenty minute periods would be broken up by hour-long naps. This way, I could go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up at a time that isn’t five in the morning, I would just be awake a few times in-between. This was my plan, my set of procedures. I had two hypotheses, knowing the results could really go either way:

  1. Everything works out perfectly and I win at science.
  2. I end up hating myself and possibly setting fire to something.

I started working at 11:40 PM, and I actually achieved quite a bit in that twenty minute period. At midnight, I went to bed and set my alarm for 1:05 AM (I felt like being generous with myself). And then I woke up at 3:50 AM.

DAMN IT! I muttered to myself as I considered launching my beautiful, wonderful bed out the window. I had lost a whole forty minutes of worktime, all thanks to that comfortable bed and my quiet alarm, which just happened to be set as the only Glen Hansard song that doesn’t involve a chorus of rageful yelling. Stop being happy, Glen! I need your unharnessed Irish anger!

Well. I was in quite the conundrum. I could either stay up and read my textbook in a sleepy, irritated haze, or I could wake up early in the morning to attack the homework with my sleep-deprived wrath. Yet again, neither sounded appealing to me, but I reluctantly decided on the former. I vaguely remember sprawling out on my bed, holding the book above my face, and reading the same sentence about six times. Needless to say, I was not at my most coherent.

I ended up going back to sleep at 4:40 AM, having finished what I could of my work. Despite being mysteriously full of energy the next day, I was quick to write down the following conclusion:

Theoretically, this is a good idea. But it’s hard to wake yourself up in a way that WON’T make it difficult to go back to sleep again.

AKA I’m not going to do this again AKA this experiment was a pain in the ass.

So, there it is. My first experiment since I took chemistry in high school. And probably my last. Moral of the story: procrastinators, whether they be early birds or night owls, never catch the worm.

Happy Wednesday!

And now I know everything, part II.



Instead of whipping out my thesaurus app and delivering an extremely riveting opening paragraph, I am going to spare you and cut right to the chase today. But I wouldn’t recommend getting used to it.

In September, I started my freshman year of college – unsurprisingly, it was well-documented on this very blog. Just last week, I finished. I also promised a follow-up to the total outpouring of wisdom and brilliance that took place during my first week on campus. As would obviously be expected, I am a girl who keeps her promises. And with that, readers, I present to you the following bits of important knowledge acquired by yours truly over the course of the year:

  • That is probably not a breakfast burrito someone accidentally chucked into the laundry machine with their towels. Nope. It’s very likely vomit.
  • If you eat all carbs, you feel like all carbs.
  • Sometimes there are going to be cute boys who have jobs at places that require you to spend money on food. Like, you have to buy a NutriGrain bar in order to make two-second eye contact. All I can say is this: get ready to totally deplete your dining account.
  • Some shoes are suitable for walking on bricks in the rain. TOMS are certainly not included.
  • Christmas lights seriously make everything better.
  • Real breakfast food is a luxury; do not take it for granted.
  • Certain people never really learned how to do anything right, and they are the ones who set the fire alarm off at one in the morning.
  • Fire alarms no longer sound like fire alarms. They sound like air raid sirens, and they will scare the living daylights out of you.
  • I mumble in my sleep. Thought you should know.
  • Only about one in three assigned textbooks is actually necessary.
  • Jaywalking is reserved exclusively for cool people. If you don’t fit into that category, you’re probably going to have a very close encounter with a bus.
  • Effort to look nice + rain = UNCONTROLLABLE ANGER
  • Nicknames for people you don’t know but see all the time are not only necessary, but also inevitable.
  • Sit and read in all the beautiful places it is possible to do so.
  • Don’t even try that delicious-looking peanut butter cookie dipped in chocolate. Your life will be more bearable never knowing its glory.
  • Taking 8:30 classes should, frankly, be considered a form of self-harm.
  • Some people don’t hold doors. Deck ’em in the face.
  • Some people do hold doors. Kiss ’em on the face.
  • Cereal = breakfast, snack, and dessert.
  • Want proof of the innate human fear of interaction with strangers? Step into an elevator.
  • Other college students don’t enjoy the saccharine bounciness of ABBA as much as I do.
  • Even the most tedious cleaning jobs can be better than writing that ungodly 8-page paper.
  • Nothing beats topic overlap in different classes. Nothing.
  • Just get over yourself and sing in the shower. Give the neighbors a free concert.

With all of that said, I bid you adieu, mes petits choux (think that’ll stick? probably not). Have an amazing week!