Find your fleece lining


I am welcoming the month of December in high style, and by that I mean I am wearing fleece-lined leggings under my jeans.

I’ve never really been much of a fleece person – by way of blankets, I generally prefer a down comforter or microplush Spider-Man throw – but I have recently come around. I got fleece-lined mittens a couple weeks ago ($3, I love H&M) and around that same time my mom sent me these leggings, which have actually changed my life. Winter is full of crisp, chilly mornings, especially when you refuse to turn your heater on, and these angel pants (did I just coin a new term of endearment?) are the perfect solution to the “freezing bare legs for five seconds while changing from pajamas to real person clothes” problem: wear them under your pajama pants, keep wearing them under your actual pants. And, of course, throw them in the wash every once in awhile. We are adults here.

Perhaps every cloud has a silver lining (I never remember to check), but not every pair of leggings has a fleece lining – find yours.

Other things I’ve been enjoying lately: sleep, the song “On Ice” by Chris Thile, family time, burning candles even though I’m not supposed to, Sufjan Stevens’ rendition of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” and, as usual, Zayn Malik’s face.

Happy last month of 2014!


Boy bands & a lack of bears.

After a couple weeks of uninspired attempts at writing and too many hours spent in a car, I am finally back. And unsurprisingly, I have plenty to talk about.

This is a picture of me breathing the same air as Zayn.

This is a picture of me breathing the same air as Zayn.

First off, um, I saw One Direction in concert. It was bananas. I’ve been to loud concerts before, but this was on a completely different level – it wasn’t the music that was deafening, it was the roaring sea of hormonal adolescent girls. Their constant screeching left a unique ringing in my ears that made it sound like the boys were on helium whenever they talked, which, needless to say, was annoying. But what else can you expect, I suppose, when you corral thousands of young ladies into an arena and then dangle five attractive foreign boys in front of their tearful faces? Really though, complaints aside, it was a magnificent night. Highlight? Their cover of Teenage Dirtbag. That will always be my favorite.

Less than twelve hours after my full-immersion fangirl experience, I was buckled up and ready to hit the road. Mm, maybe “ready” isn’t the right word. I’m never ready for the gruelingly long drive to the family cabin in Montana. Regardless, I spent a solid eleven hours in the car that day, daydreaming and listening to my ten-disc Big Sky Country mix, of which I will include a small sampling below:

Anyway, the drive was well worth it for a few sunny days on the lake. The only thing that disappointed was the lack of bears and moose. I read books, I paddleboarded, I gave countless piggy-back rides to my younger cousins (who are not quite as little as they used to be). I also got flung off an innertube after a long and arduous attempt to hang on through the waves and wakes. I actually ended up getting a pretty sizable burn on my right elbow from the tube, and now every time I hold my injury up to a mirror or something I just give myself a nod and think… “bona fide badass.” So it wasn’t all bad. Besides, if I’m going to get thrown into the water, I might as well do it in a place that looks like this:



Other than seeing my Brits and getting my bruises, I’ve been doing a pretty good mix of the following:

  • Being confused about the book Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.
  • Watching old Tom Cruise movies and being disappointed that ‘aging’ is a thing.
  • Drinking lots of water because my sister finally learned how to share and gave me her sore throat. THANKS ALISHA.
  • Wearing pajamas all day.
  • Watching Felicity on Netflix.
  • Wondering why I keep watching Felicity when I hate it more every second.
  • Writing blog posts and then deciding I don’t like them.

So yeah. That’s what is happening over here. Hopefully I’ll  start getting back into the swing of things one of these days, and then I’ll never stop writing because I know that’s what everyone in the universe wants. I hope you all are having a spectacular summer!

I want (eye) candy.

"Welcome to this post." -Ryan Gosling

“It’s okay to stare.” -Ryan Gosling

Though I am generally opposed to the objectification of human beings, I am not one to deny a handsome face. I am also not one to shut up about those handsome faces. So, naturally, I feel inclined to brighten your Monday and my own with some black and white photos of the most beautiful men the entertainment industry has to offer. You are welcome in advance.

1. Young Leonardo DiCaprio

I mean... if you insist...

I mean… if you insist…

What better way to start the list than with this angelface? He was literally always adorable – even with blood all over his face, or ice crystals covering his dead body. Flawless. I loved him. You loved him. The camera loved him. So much love for Young Leo.

2. Old Leonardo DiCaprio

He's wearing that sweater like he's doing it a favor.

He’s wearing that sweater like he’s doing it a favor.

Now instead of being the floppy-haired heartthrob, he’s the cuddly teddy bear-man we all want to have around when we’re sad. Or happy. Actually it doesn’t matter, he can throw us a warm and sympathetic stare whenever he wants, and y’all know you wouldn’t complain if the man hugged you for a few minutes or a week.

3. Zayn Malik



Hate on it, I completely love Zayn. Maybe he doesn’t have copious amounts of charisma like some of his bandmates, but he’s got the eyelashes to make up for it. Just, like, check out his perfectly unkempt hair. The sloppy British accent doesn’t hurt either.

4. Penn Badgley

xoxo, Gossip Girl

xoxo, Gossip Girl

First of all, let’s collectively agree that he has the coolest name ever. Now that we have that established, look at the scruff. Admire the scruff. Now remind yourself he can sing. Uh oh, you are slowly falling in love. It was bound to happen.

5. Andrew Garfield

... and Emma Stone. GET MARRIED.

… and Emma Stone. GET MARRIED.

No big deal, he’s just my favorite superhero and he’s dating one of my favorite ladies. How could I not love him? Other good things about Andrew Garfield: he’s an accent chameleon, his hair is unnaturally voluminous, and the man certainly knows how to dress himself.

Honorable Mentions:

The excellent James McAvoy.

The excellent James McAvoy.

The magnificent Josh Hutcherson.

The magnificent Josh Hutcherson.

It would be a sin to put this man in black and white.

It would be a sin to put this man in black and white.

Also, I found this in my pictures folder and it fits the theme. 

#sorrynotsorry #gobeans

#sorrynotsorry #gobeans

That’s all for this fine evening. I hope you all have a week as beautiful as these men!


The Current Obsessions: Part II

I don't even need to say anything about this one. Y'all understand.

I don’t even need to say anything about this one. Y’all understand.

I am a strong believer in spreading obsessions like the common cold. Hope you haven’t been taking your vitamins.

1. Craisins and breakfast foods.

What else does a college girl need? Probably vegetables and some exercise, but it is doubtful I will ever be obsessed with those. I think we can all agree craisins are the perfect snack food and breakfast sandwiches are appropriate for any meal.

2. Thought Catalog.

The hours I have spent reading this blog… endless. There are at least ten new posts a day, although I haven’t counted, and the contributors write about literally everything: Trader Joe’s, Jennifer Lawrence, 6-year-old breakdancers. Such delicious variety. Some of my personal favorites have been the one about trendy cat names, the one about banana slicers, and the one about awesome fictional boyfriends. Cough cough Ron Weasley.

3. The best band ever, U2.

When am I not obsessed with U2? Never.

They’re just the greatest. And I have recently discovered a few songs which, to my dismay, I had never heard before like two days ago.  Acrobat? The Unforgettable Fire?! How did I make it through high school without Bono telling me to not let the bastards grind me down? How did my ears believe they were happy before they heard these spectacular melodies?

4. Being sassy. 

Chimp pointed something out to me the other day, and it wasn’t that I need to stop eating so many breakfast sandwiches. She noticed that I seriously have not called her by name in weeks, instead referring to her as “giiiiirl.” This is not exclusive to her, either; I didn’t realize it, but I am calling everyone “giiiiirl,” except my father and a few other members of the male population, who are now “bro/bruh” to me. It’s probably pissing people off, but I don’t even care ’cause I’m sassy and they’re haters. I’m sassy when I’m looking through my facebook newsfeed, I am sassy when I journal, dang it, I am even sassy when I’m annotating my textbooks. That’s right, Machiavelli, I called you a slut.


Well, that is all for this fine Thursday. Have a lovely weekend and, as my man Bono would say, don’t let the bastards grind you down.

PS- Part I of the Current Obsessions can be found here.

Mr. Crawford’s lip and other concerns.

First of all, merry late Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate (and if you don’t celebrate any holidays, happy last-few-days-of-December (yay parentheses))). Anyway, surprise! I have a present for you… it’s Zayn Malik with jetlag. I don’t know why I think this is so funny:


I could go into funny stories about my high school French teacher having jetlag, but hey, I have some frequently asked questions to answer.

Okay, so I wasn’t directly asked these questions. But people found my blog by typing these burning questions into a search engine, and who am I to not give these endlessly curious people some answers? I am such a nice person.

#1: Nate Archibald lip/why does Nate Archibald have a fat lip/does Nate Archibald have a fat lip insert/etc.

Still adorable.

Still adorable.

I didn’t realize Chace Crawford’s upper lip was important to so many people. Seriously, this is the most common search term I get, and it has only really become prominent in the past three days. I’m perplexed, but I do have the answer: no, it isn’t a lip insert, I don’t think anyone in their right mind would purposely make one side of their lip way puffier than the other; I mean, humans are supposedly partial to facial symmetry or something. As I have read on numerous websites, he fell or did something equally clumsy/drunk last New Year’s Eve and busted his lip open. Oops. According to a very experienced Yahoo! user, this sort of injury doesn’t really heal and look normal again. Poor Chace/Nate.

#2: Is Anderson Cooper hairless?



I want to know who searched this one. They probably have a very intriguing brain. But honestly, I’m in no position to declare Anderson Cooper hairless or… not hairless. All I did was compare him to a hairless cat, albeit a very handsome and classy hairless cat. In short, I have a weird crush on Anderson Cooper and, what do you know, I am answerless.

#3: Is nodding your head considered awkward?

I dunno, but making this face is considered awkward.

I dunno, but making this face is considered awkward.

Unless you’re nodding your head all the time, no, it is not awkward. One time, my friends convinced me I had a random head twitch, and that was pretty awkward. Buuut now that I think about it, I feel like they just said it to psych me out. Thanks, guys. Solid.

Honorable Mentions:

  • grand canyon hair by girl- I don’t even know what this means.
  • woman crush cat- no matter how you interpret this, it doesn’t sound good.
  • girl you cray- thanks…?
  • anderson cooper girl crush- haha, nope.
  • playboy mishaps- sounds interesting.
  • caesar salad after wisdom teeth- my instincts say no.
  • crane fly in my eye- oh no god please no god no nooooo.

Thanks guys, this has been fun. Keep searchin’ and happy New Year!